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These appearance files are for Mac OS 8.5 - 9.X.X just stick them in the theme files folder in the appearance folder located in your system folder thats, System>Appearance>Theme Files.. then go to your appearance control panel, appearance tab and select the appearance you want.. easy :) disable kaleidoscope if you have it turned on as it will override the apple standard

Liquid 1.8 (107k) download Liquid (with icons) 1.8 (279k) download Liquid Metal 1.6 (97k) download Liquid Lime 1.6 (103k) download AquaTheme 1.02 (with icons) (272k) download AquaTheme 1.04 (111k) downlaod AquaTheme 1.04 (with icons)(282k) download Aqua V1.0 (228k) download Aqua V2.0 (238k) download the Dark Knight Theme (200k)downlaod Drawing Board (200k) Download

These schemes are for Kaleidoscope.. this program over rides the apple appearance control panel to alter the look of your computer.. just stick them in your kaleidoscope themes folder thats inside the kaleidoscope goodies folder.. Kaleidoscope requires at least System 7 and a 68020 chip or better.. yes a G3 is alot better ;).. download kaleidoscope from here AquaX II (460k) download AquaX III 1.0 (512k) download AquaX III 1.1 (520k) download AquaX III 1.2 (548k) download AquaX III 1.3.1 (432k) download AquaX III Graphite (548k) download AquaX III Graphite 1.5.1 (440k) download aquacid 1.0 (368k) download klassik (252k) download grassik (256k) download butt (245k) download Aquafine Part 1 (724k) download Aquafine Part 2 (156k) download beinsane (152k) download desinsane (152k) download goinsane (156k) download rainsane (152k) download 0303aqua (228k) download Aqua II+ 2.6.3 (292k) download Aqua II+ 2.7 (308k) download Mekong (180k) download sigh (264k) download Aqua (no pin stripes) (304k) download Silky (392k) download Baby Blue (152k) download klassik acid (312k) download Aqua by MADCOW (364k) download desaturation1207 (148k) download Mac WinAmp Skins imac 1.0(172k) alien area(104k) napster(56k) Boost VIII(144k) Reality(84k) Industrial(88k) Blue Metal(104k) Cabrio Skins AquaX 1.0(60k) SoundJam Skins Ren Skin(192k) AquaX(88k) Aqua Drop 3.0(477k) MySkin (284k) EmulateX(132k) Music Player(64k) Music Player Graphite(64k) Audion X 1.2(58k) Bubble Life(52k) ThinkX (84k) Macast Skins haight too oh (264k) Audion Skins Xplayer 1.1(55k)