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These appearance files are for Mac OS 8.5 - 9.X.X just stick them in the theme files folder in the appearance folder located in your system folder thats, System>Appearance>Theme Files.. then go to your appearance control panel, appearance tab and select the appearance you want.. easy :) disable kaleidoscope if you have it turned on as it will override the apple standard

Liquid 1.8 (107k)
Liquid (icons) 1.8 (279k)
Liquid Metal 1.6 (97k)
Liquid Lime 1.6 (103k)
AquaTheme 1.02 (icons) (272k)
AquaTheme 1.04 (111k)
AquaTheme 1.04 (icons) (282k)
Aqua V1.0 (228k)
Aqua V2.0 (238k)
the Dark Knight Theme (200k)
Drawing Board (200k)